Are Compressions Right For You?

Hmmm, let’s see its one thing to find the perfect fit shoes to give your feet the love and support they need, but is that enough, could you be doing more for your feet? … Some may be able to get away with wearing regular socks, but not me. I have to wear compression socks. I started realizing this while in nursing school, my legs would be extremely fatigued and sometimes even swollen at the end of the day.

In my final semester, I made mention of my situation and one of my clinical instructors suggested that I wear compression socks, but I thought, maybe my feet will eventually adjust, my feet just have not gotten used to wearing nursing shoes for extended periods.

I thought about getting compression socks for a while (all the way through to the end of the semester that is), but never purchased them. After graduating and finding a job, needless to say, my mind concluded what my feet already knew – I would not be able to survive my work days on my feet without additional support for my feet. So yes, I conceded, before I even started orientation on the job, I stopped thinking about getting compression socks and got them.

I made a decision to

Reduce swelling in my legs.

Help prevent varicose veins.

Improve my blood flow and oxygenation.

Help improve recovery time of achy/sore muscles.
* Like, seriously, this works for me. At the end of a 12hr shift my feet are
T-I-R-E-D, but after resting, I’m good to go.

I initially purchased 3 pairs of the plain white ones, I’ve been wearing them for about 8 months now. They are not knee-high so sometimes they roll down and I think one pair was a bit too small (not sure why being that all 3 pairs were in the same pack.

The pic above shows me trying on my newest pairs of Knee High Compression Socks. I purchased those from

After all this, Are Compression socks/stockings Right for you? You can find out more on this website I found

Compression Socks

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