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If you don’t already know, then you may be wondering, what does it matter? After all, a shoe is a shoe, right – wrong. Know this, not all shoes are manufactured equally! Your feet will be happy with you for selecting a comfortable pair of footwear. Whether you like tennis shoes, clogs, name brand or no brand, selecting a comfortable pair of shoes will make a world of difference at the end of your day.

It may not seem as important in the first 3-4 hours of your shift, but if you work 12hour shifts like I do, your feet will LOVE you at the end of the day. And even if you are fortunate enough to work 8-10hours per day, 4-5days per week, constantly tracking up and down your facility’s building will start to wear your feet out after the first 2 months, if that long.

Selecting the Best Nursing Shoes could difference between you developing varicose veins, experiencing ongoing backaches, fatigue, and aching feet, and you just being simply tired from a long work day.

Don’t wing it! Find out more about selecting the perfect footwear for you!
Find You Perfect Fit
PS I just recently came across this website, I wish I had this guide previously to help me select my perfect pair.

For Clinical, I had some white clogs that I purchased at my school’s bookstore. They served their purpose, but I was honestly happy to bid them adieu.They squeaked a lot

This is the pair I’m currently wearing: Soft Walk by Grey’s Anatomy.

I got this pair from a local scrub shop at the mall.

For the first 7 months, OMG I was walking on air, soft walk no kidding. I recently had to get some inserts, though (7-10K steps per 12hr shift caught up with me) my feet and back started to feel achy after work – which never happened during the first 7 months, I mean, of course, I would be as tired as can be, but never achy.

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