You’ve conquered nursing school and you’re ready to face your “last” obstacle course before you enter the world of nursing.

Be proud of your accomplishments, nursing school is no joke: sad days, restless sleep, crying mornings, nights or afternoons, yes, sometimes all day along.

You deserve to celebrate, but then comes NCLEX! And You begin to wonder, was all that time studying enough, did I cover all the required materials, should I have read that chapter on ABG’s again? Your mind is flooded with questions that never seems to end (at least mine was at one point.)

But I had to get it together and be confident in the fact that I had invested sufficient time, energy, resources (financial and otherwise) that prepared me for (hands on hips) NCLEX!

More than that though, I started practicing: questions after questions, different styles of questions, recapping overviews and such.

With that being said, these were my go to Prep Tools for NCLEX

1. NCLEX RN Mastery

Great app, I even used it to study while I was in nursing school. Loved it!
This was recommended by the nursing school I attended. They have different NCLEX review courses from 3 weeks to 15 weeks.

They also provide a host of other useful information relating other preparation needed for taking NCLEX such as testing site locations, fees relating taking NCLEX, and applying for RN Licensure to name a few.

Wonderful site. I did the 5 week course. Highly recommend

3. Hurst Review
What can I say, Marlene Hurst is one of a kind. I listened to her audios so much she was (and still is–now that I think about it) stuck in my head.

During my NCLEX exam I got a question, and as bright as daybreak is, I could hear her in my head- needless to say the answer to that question was a no brainer.

I may have dabbled here and there with other resources, but the above three were my go to.

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