In the Hospital for Christmas!

If one were to take to the streets and randomly asks people of different professions medical and otherwise, Would you want to be in the hospital for the holidays?

The answer would be something like this:
=>Strange look w/knitted brows
=>Head shake
=> No
=>I hope not
=>I better not etc. however the response comes, it would be a no!

This will be my first Christmas as a nurse, yeah! :). Today I had a patient expressed gratitude for the time I spent with him without rushing and making him feeling like just another task to be accomplished.

I felt good of course, but this encounter got me thinking.

The natural desire for most is to be otherwise minded around the holidays: visiting with friends and families, buying gifts, enjoying scrumptious seasonal treats etc.

But, for others the reality will be spending their holiday in the hospital. Sure, they maybe getting treatments they would absolutely rather have now than later, but it is not the ideal scenario.

And so, I’ve official task myself with being mindful this holiday season in how I execute my duties. Thus joining with those other amazing nurses and other healthcare professionals who have for years past made Christmas a wonderful experience even though it’s spent in the hospital.

Merry Christmas

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