Nursing While Nursing

The Truth

Being a mom is no easy task, being a working mom is even harder — being a working mom who breastfeeds is just nuts and bananas!

Before I gave birth to my angel in disguise, I had no doubt that I was going to breastfeed. When I gave birth, he knew exactly where to find his groceries, haha¬†and he hasn’t ceased to get his supplies since.

First Days/Months

The first few days were a bit rocking, after leaving the hospital, I had to return with 2-3 days or was it a week (mmm now that I think about it, those few days all seem to run together). Any-who, I had to return to the hospital to see a lactation specialist. Once, we were in synced this nursing ship just kept on sailing.

For the first 5 months of his life, I was in nursing school, so that for us meant that I pumped whenever I was away from my sweet-cake and he was bottle-fed with his yum yum. I would rotate between Dr. Brown glass bottles and the Playtex drop in

Once nursing school was over with, I breastfeed from the source exclusively for 4 months –with the exception of the big day, the day I took my NCLEX! #lessonlearned!

Starting Work While Breastfeeding

When the time came for me to enter the world of work, my heart sank! He was 9months and 2weeks on the day that I started my RN Residency and his little world was shattered to pieces. He had to be bottle fed with breast milk and he wasn’t having it! I had tried to re-introduce him to bottle feeding in many ways weeks prior to starting, but he was mouth strong about not taking the bottle. I used the Medela Pump and storage system

To That End

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On our first day apart, I had a massive headache all day, I felt like a horrible mom, I questioned my choice to start working, I contemplated quitting the first day and the list goes on! Needless to say, we both detest that day. He was determined to get his breast back- for the 12 long hours I was gone, he refused to drink- he waited until I got home. Days 2 & 3 were the same as day 1. We couldn’t take it, not me, not his dad, not nana who was taking care of him- none of us, so finally I called his pediatrician’s office once more and they suggested syringe feeding; that my friends was the Best Suggestion Ever!

He still protested, but he got nourished!

This lasted until he started table foods because he, my friends, remained mouth strong against bottle feedings.

To Be Continued…

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