RN -BSN: Prerequisites

So you've toiled, sown and reaped the benefits of being persistent and finishing nursing school! KUDOS! You did it!

But you didn’t stop there, you reviewed and practiced and practiced and reviewed AND passed your NCLEX — then you nervously waited for your results! And it’s official, you are a Licensed Registered Nurse! oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah!


Now if you are like me and many millions more, you know that it's time to move on. Yes, Time to put yourself through the process of learning again. Hahaha... If you had thoughts like I did during nursing school, I thought, Am I crazy, why in the world would I in my right mind put myself through this??? I was more than excited to get it over with, but strangely enough, as challenging as nursing school was, I was already planning to advance my education beyond ADN haha.

OKAY! so after I finished my prerequisites for the ADN program, I had to wait 1 full  year to get into nursing school (it was a first come, first enter process.)

While I waited for that long year, I took the necessary prerequisites for the BSN program:

Course Requirements

*Elements of Nutrition (if you didn't take it along with  other Gen. Ed)

*Applied Microbiology + Lab (if you didn't take it along with  other Gen. Ed)

 English Composition II


General Chemistry I + Lab

Computer Competence*

Oral Communication*

Foreign Language (I took Spanish I & II)

Required Texts  & materials 

these can be purchased via your school's bookstore, at local bookstores or online


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