Taking Care of Me

It’s important to realize that as individuals, we exist in three parts: spirit, body and soul. This is something I wish I had full knowledge of at a younger age.

Soul: mind, will and emotions

The mind, as it turns out, is a very powerful tool, it is the most powerful aspect of self. Everything begins iwithn the mind with a thought. Think about it.

Then, be careful what you think about.

Be careful what consumes your thoughts because ultimately, that thing will rule/dominate your life.

Meditate of the Good Word.

Have positive thoughts.

Think positively towards others.

In the work (be it at the hospital or another facility, it is super easy to become negative.

You may start iut your day being really positive and ready to conquer everything, but a patient or fellow nurse is having a “bad” day and before you know it, your jazzy self starts complaining about everything.


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